Our Services

MATAN operates nationwide, from Northern to Southern Israel, providing services in many fields to the elderly population across the country.

In each of the activity fields, MATAN invests in its professional, skilled and dedicated teams in order to provide the best care – so that all that is left for the family to do is love their elderly family member.

We make sure to work collaboratively with the various organizations, while cultivating relationships and creating a positive and productive work environment.

-Consultation Services and Assistance for Families and Senior Citizens

We provide training services and support for families and senior citizens in their homes, in order to improve personal and parental functioning, improve care for physical and emotional needs, strengthen functioning at home (organization, cleaning, nutrition) and skills for managing the budget, encouraging contact with institutions in the community and exercising one’s rights.
The service is provided to citizens who are not eligible for professional auxiliary services from another institution.

Psychiatric Services for the Israel Prison Service

We provide the services of psychiatrist to the divisions of the Israel Prison Service.  As part of this service, we operate a team that provides medical services to the inmates and prisoners in the divisions.

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