Personal supervision of your loved ones at hospitals 24 hours a day

 We know that this is a difficult period for you.  When someone you love is hospitalized, you want to be there with him and care for him all the time; however, you also need a respite, in order to function, breathe, gather your strength and take care of your family that awaits you at home.

Consequently, at MATAN, we offer personal supervision, at the hospitalized patient’s bedside, 24/7, to provide immediate professional solutions.

Our skilled team will provide your loved ones with the most responsible and superior dedicated supervision and around the clock assistance.  This will offer you peace of mind and the confidence that your loved one is receiving everything he needs.

What does the private supervision service provide?

  • A large, skilled, licensed and professional team.
  • Devoted personal supervision, including accompanying the patient to  medical exams.
  • Solutions provided by the staff member 24/7
  • Service is provided on short notice
  • Service is available at hospitals nationwide
  • Option to continue the service at home upon discharge
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