Introducing MATAN

MATAN Advanced Health and Nursing Services was established in 1987, and it began its journey with one small branch and one big vision, which led it to becoming Israel’s oldest and most experienced private company in the field of nursing services and care provided in the homes of the elderly and infirmed across the country.

The company was founded by its acting chairwoman, Ms. Rina Ramot, who earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in social work and has amassed extensive experience in the academic field and in the fields of organization and management of large community systems.  

Currently the company runs 30 branches nationwide and operates with dedication and energy in various fields related to social and health services, collaborating with governmental, municipal and public organizations.

MATAN Advanced Health and Nursing Services believes that its human capital is what leads the company to meet its goals and to provide dedicated, high quality, professional service to its clients.

Our teams were meticulously selected, with 7,550 employees, including teams of caregivers, registered nurses, gerontologists, social workers, psychiatrists and operations staff.  Matan’s employees offer the highest level of service, both professionally and personally, while listening to the needs of the client and ensuring dependability, quality and professionalism, while adhering to the standards set by the Standards Institution of Israel.

We believe that providing the best nursing care is not only our job but our mission – and this is what makes MATAN one of Israel’s leading companies in the field of nursing and welfare services.

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